Hello! I'm Shia Lynn; founder & blogger of The Artsy Craftsy and I am also the creator of Divine Art Soul.

Let me tell you a little story...

When I was in my mid 20’s, I was also struggling to find what it means to live a happy life. I was searching for happiness outside of myself, not realizing that it was all within me all these while. As I begin to question the system around me, I also realized that over the years of growing up, I was actually saying NO to myself too many times; abiding to the NO’s in the system has become part of me that eventually I became my own limitations to live life with a healthy balance. Upon that realization, I found my way to start appreciating life- I started off with finding my way back into Art & Creativity. Not only did I unravel creative boundaries, I also discovered that Art & Creativity taught me how to appreciate the simple pleasures of life and that God the creator was all around us. As I begun to love the many things we already have, I also stopped looking for happiness outside of me, and journeyed on with living with the happiness inside myself. 

How is this story coincides with my coaching? Well, eversince I graduated from college, besides creating my own artworks and owning my own freelance business, I also realized that I enjoy teaching. There was this light inside me that enjoys sharing knowledge. I started off with teaching children English, and taught adults Arts & Craft and moved on working for a company to create art lesson plans for pre-schoolers which also required me to teach again. I also have a craving to understand humans in a deeper level, and with my interest in art therapy/psychology, I discovered intuitive art and expressive painting. My calling took me to another level as I patiently waited for the right moment to be trained as a creative life coach and create my own self-learning programme. My aim is simple; I want to be able to share with you my creative discovery that has benefited me.

Here is a self-learning course specially for you.

With light & love,
Shia Lynn